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I Made It In... Digital

The digital world is growing at a monumental speed with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine and a host of social media platforms to explore. 

Every day 40 million photos are posted on Instagram, 500 million tweets are sent around the world and over 1 billion YouTube videos are viewed.

For top Vloggers it has become a career where they can earn thousands of pounds through brand endorsement.

All these audiences are growing, hour by hour, day by day, but why?

How can we tap in to this global phenomenon?

Tips in 60 seconds... How to succeed in entertainment development

Tips in 60 Seconds... How to succeed in entertainment development

Entertainment television is a tough game to get into. So how do you succeed in a genre where big ideas and big personalities dominate?

Ross McCarthy is the former Head of Unscripted at Buccaneer Media and previously Executive Producer and head of Development at Outline Productions. He is behind some of entertainment's most high-profile brands, from Health Freaks and Million Dollar Intern to Britain's Big Wildlife Revival and Desi Rascals. In this video he shares some tips on how to succeed in entertainment development.

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