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Handbook: How to survive as a Freelancer

30th October 2014, 10:42

Starting out as a freelancer in television can be a daunting experience. It’s a fast-paced, vibrant and creatively stimulating industry, but it’s also overwhelmingly competitive and highly demanding.

How do you make those vital connections? How do you brush aside the competition with your CV? How do you dazzle in the interview to win the role, and how to do you ace the job so the first person to get a call on the next production is you?

Learn how to use an industry standard camera

Canon XF305 workshop

Being able to self shoot is rapidly becoming a must if you want a job in the television industry and the ability to operate industry standard cameras will place you a cut above the rest when applying for jobs. The Canon XF305 is a BBC-accepted HD broadcast camcorder widely used in the documentary, reality and factual entertainment genres. In this video, Alain from Pro Motion camera hire shows you the ropes. 


How to survive as a Freelancer

Television is a fast moving and highly competitive marketplace, where freelance contracts last weeks rather than years, and networking is essential to securing that crucial next job. Planning for the future is that much harder when you don't know where your next pay cheque is coming from, and having a long term plan can at times seem impossible...so how do you survive as a freelancer?

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